Solar in Sussex

We are a Sussex based family business who have been installing Solar Panels (PV) to homes around Sussex for 4 years. We are proud to be nationally accredited by the MCS, NAPIT and RECC. We provide a friendly & professional service from the initial site visit & design of your system through to completion & commissioning of your solar panels in Sussex. We assist you with all the paperwork to ensure your system is registered & eligible for the Feed in Tariff. We continue to be on hand at any time should you require our help.

Solar in Sussex, solar installer in Sussex

Why people of Sussex install Solar Panels

Solar panels in Sussex generate electricity – 1000′s of units a year.

So every unit you generate on your roof is worth 31.54p! (14.9 + 4.64 + 12).

Solar energy is predictable and constant so you can be confident about the annual energy yield of the system over 20 years. By generating your own electricity you are actively becoming part of the solution to the ever growing problem of sustainability. By producing your own electricity at home your protecting yourself against future electricity cost rises.

Solar in Sussex

The Feed in Tariff allows a substantial return on your investment by paying you for every unit of electricity you produce. It is index linked so therefore offers security to the negative impact inflation has on investments, plus it will never be out of your sight as it is mounted on your property.

We have installed Solar in Sussex, From Installing Solar Panels in Brighton to commercial solar installations on Farms near Gatwick. We will always be here to help, please feel free to contact us if you want some advice on Solar PV in Sussex.

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